How we work.


1. Choose a package

  • All of our packages include amazing value
  • If you aren't sure on sizes, our credit packages are a flexible option
  • Remember, your package is just a starting point - if you need to add things on, you can
  • Purchase your package and then we can get you booked in!

2. Get ready...

  • Think about how & where you want to display the images - this may help with choosing clothing/colours to wear
  • Aim to arrive 10mins prior to your session and we'll sit with you to discuss what you want to achieve
  • Make it a family affair! This is a great opportunity to get some shots with your extended family as well.

3. GO!

  • Your photographic session will take around 30-40mins (depending on the kids!)
  • Try and relax - we do this every day
  • Our sessions are fun and fast, allowing us to capture the natural expressions you see in our work

4. View, select, design!

  • One of our designers will guide you through the selection process and help you to choose the perfect way to display your favourite photos at home (or in the office...the holiday house...anywhere really!)

5. Enjoy!

  • Your products will be ready for collection within 3-8 weeks of ordering
  • Take them home, put them up and enjoy!
  • If you need help hanging your photos, let us know. We have a team of people we can recommend to come and do it for you.
  • Remember, sun and moisture are any photo's worst friends, so keep this in mind when hanging. If you require more detailed care instructions, contact us!
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